About us


The company was founded in 2010. Basic services were transportation and relocation in Slovenia, which was performed with vans, but because the market in Slovenia is not enough, we focused on the markets in Europe. Gradually we began to perform aggregate and express (time limited) delivery of goods.

A well-trained team of co-workers is an important quality service. We achieve this through regular education and motivation of both individuals and the whole team of colleagues. Our goal is a well-performed service and a satisfied customer.

We have two vans with a tint, but as the company grows from year to year, the number of vehicles will increase in the future.

Company history

Year 2010

Purchase of the first used vehicle, and the provision of transport services across Slovenia.

Year 2015

First regular customers. The main activity is the transport of complete and groupage shipments across Europe. Fast delivery within 24 hours. Delivery of groupages within 72 hours.

Year 2011

Transportation of complete and groupage shipments, removal with vans and trailers around Slovenia and the commencement of transportation abroad.

Year 2017

Two new vehicles. Vans with a tilt and capacity of 8 euro pallets, and a capacity of 1100kg. Fast and safe shipment, and always satisfied customer.

Year 2013

Buy the first new van, because with old vans there is greater chance of failure and a result of poor quality and unreliability operated.

Year 2014

Redirect work in the transport of quick and complete shipments all over Europe.

Company vision

By continuously optimizing work processes, we want to further bring our services closer to our existing partners in the future. We are also aware that in order to achieve our goals, we need a quality team of colleagues, which is why we will employ more and more trafficers, warehouse keepers and responsible drivers.

Vision in the three main chapters

  • Optimized workflows.

  • Modern information systems.

  • Educated and well-trained employees.

Company policy

  • Operation takes place 24/7

  • Well done transport and satisfied customer.

  • A pleasant and safe working environment, a good and uniform team of colleagues.

  • Use of modern and technologically advanced work tools.

  • Continuous improvement of work processes, education of personnel.

  • Supervised and secure growth of the company, a strong and stable company.

  • Cooperation with freight forwarders, carriers, brokers, companies in Slovenia and Europe.

  • Ecological awareness, modern fleet (certain maximum speed of vehicles – safety and ecology).